Why wouldn't I get an in-house team?

That is a valid point! However, If you need everything custom for your store a good web designer would start from $80,000-100,000, plus a developer starting at $100,000. You would be looking at a budget of over $180,000/year to maintain your business. Beside that, you wouldn't have enough work year around to keep your team busy, so you will have to still pay them the salary.

With thind.dev you get High quality design & development skills starting from for $2,995/ month. Plus, you can pause your membership anytime if you don't have any tasks to be fulfilled.

How many tasks can I schedule?

There is no upper limit on the number of tasks you can add to workflow. One task is fulfilled at a time chronologically.

How much time it takes to deliver a project?

Each project is different, and times can vary. On average design work is delivered in 2 days on average, while web development work can take around a week and a web app may take more than a month.

Is there any contracts involved?

No, There are no contracts involved. You pay monthly and can pause or cancel anytime. No questions asked.

How do we communicate?

All the communication is async, you can login into your account and add comments or leave notes on tasks. In case you need support feel free to use help widget. We report you on the progress and you can ask for a meeting anytime you need to talk.

What tools do you use ?

All design work is done in Figma, with some adobe photoshop involved. All web development is done using Webflow and Udesly. Custom projects that involved app development will be carried out using Bubble.io or Adalo.

What is process of signup?

You can start you subscription right away using the Signup button or you can schedule a meeting first using the contract form and we will setup everything for you.

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