Shopify Storefront Builder

A Webflow app that we developed to make it super easy to build Shopify stores.


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What client was looking for

We built and maintained multiple Shopify stores in Webflow but desired a better integration than what was available in the market. We needed a solution that allowed us to publish directly in Webflow while harnessing the powerful e-commerce capabilities of Shopify, without the hassle of exporting code and converting it to Shopify. Thus, Looop was born to meet our specific needs.

The product we built

NativeWebflow & Shopify App

We wanted users to have an easy setup when using Looop. So, we built a native Webflow app and a native Shopify app, allowing users to connect both in just a couple of clicks. Plus, the Webflow app includes all the cloneable elements and attributes needed to create a beautiful eCommerce store.

A Script that loadsSuperfaaast...

The script powering Looop is served using Cloudflare Workers and R2. The server identifies who is requesting the script and determines the appropriate version to serve, managed via the Looop dashboard. Once served, the script executes on the frontend in just a couple of hundred milliseconds, providing users with a seamless experience.

Strong AnalyticsFor Better Product

We believe strong analytics are crucial to understand how users are interacting with the app and if they are facing any issues. That's why we've integrated minimal analytics directly into the script to monitor bugs or performance leaks. This helps us learn, optimize, and ship better versions, ensuring a seamless user experience.


As a result, our product is now live on both the Webflow and Shopify app stores. Dozens of Webflow stores have already been built using our app, resulting in hundreds of thousands of script loads. Our infrastructure and analytics have scaled without any bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth and efficient performance for all users.