ERP for Wood Shop

A Custom In-House ERP Solution for a New Age Live Edge Wood Workshop


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What client was looking for

West Coast Wood, a live edge wood workshop, wanted to expand by reducing costs while maintaining quality. They aimed to transform their workshop into a faster production line but faced a bottleneck due to the lack of affordable, user-friendly ERP software. Traditional ERPs were too expensive and difficult to modify for their needs.

The product we built

A Easy to use but Powerful Web app

We made an app with intuitive interface enables easy navigation for all team members. Our bespoke ERP tracks inventory, creates manufacturing orders, schedules tasks, and manages furniture production, significantly improving workflow and productivity.

A BespokeManufacturing Module

App tracks worker hours, material usage, and even the smallest details like drops of ceramic coating. This precision is essential for calculating the cost of each unique live edge table, ensuring both efficiency and the highest quality standards.

A SpecializedInventory Module

Inventory Module tracks the journey of wood from raw material to finished product. This module records when inventory items are received as raw slabs, their usage in various projects, and even partial usage, maintaining a clear link back to the original raw slab.


As a result, we developed a custom in-house ERP for West Coast Wood, featuring a bespoke manufacturing module and specialized inventory tracking. This user-friendly system enables precise tracking of hours, materials, and costs for each unique piece. The inventory module ensures complete traceability from raw materials to finished products, streamlining production and reducing costs. Our solution has significantly increased production speed while maintaining the high quality and craftsmanship that West Coast Wood is known for.