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What client was looking for

Inno Foods, a Canadian snack manufacturer, sought to expand their business through e-commerce. Their snacks, made with higher quality ingredients, are more expensive than those of their competitors. This presented a challenge: effectively conveying the value of their premium ingredients to customers.

The product we built

Design that Stands Out

We collaborated closely with Inno Foods to develop a brand identity that is both modern and established. During our research, we observed that most competing brands favored green colors with white backgrounds. To differentiate Inno Foods and convey a premium feel, we took an entirely opposite approach by designing the brand around a black color scheme. This distinctive choice set their brand apart in the market.

Integration with Enterprise Resource Management

Inno Foods, primarily an FMCG manufacturer dealing with club-size retailers, had their entire ERP system built around this large scale. We facilitated seamless e-commerce operations for the Inno Foods team by creating custom integrations with Shopify and Webflow. When an order is placed in the Shopify store, our logic automatically selects the correct batch of products from the warehouse and initiates the shipping process. This ensures the traceability trail required for the food industry, allowing Inno Foods to maintain high standards in tracking and delivery.

Second site For Wholesale Customers

Following the success of the B2C e-commerce platform, we developed a B2B wholesale Shopify store for Inno Foods' customers, including small mom-and-pop shops, cafes, and gas stations. This allows Inno Foods to target multiple market sectors from a single Shopify store, broadening their reach and streamlining operations for wholesale clients.


As a result, we built two headless Shopify stores in Webflow that ensured the sites look great and adhere to the brand's standards. These stores are now easily customizable, have excellent SEO, and are backed by the robust infrastructure of Shopify e-commerce. Additionally, with custom integrations, the Inno Foods team can reliably ship products to consumers in both the B2C and B2B sectors, ensuring efficient and seamless operations across their entire business.