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An internal AI-powered document management and signature app.


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What client was looking for

The client needed an efficient way to manage their Bill of Lading (BOL) documents, which serve as proof of shipments leaving their facilities and proof for carriers of the load's origin. Printing and managing these documents was cumbersome, and they required a scalable, cost-effective solution to streamline the process and obtain drivers' signatures without relying on expensive pre-built signing solutions like DocuSign.

The product we built

Powered byArtificial Intelligence

We developed a custom AI model using Google Cloud, specifically designed to recognize all BOL document types for the company. This purpose-built AI model is faster and more cost-effective than general AI models and LLM’s like Gemini or GPT. When you upload documents to the app, our AI instantly extracts all necessary information and creates a new digital BOL in storage, streamlining your document management process and saving you time and money.

Digitization EmpowersEnhanced Analytics

By digitizing the document management and signing process, we were able to build comprehensive analytics. This allows you to see the movement in the yard at a glance, track shipments by carriers, and view detailed information such as the time and names of drivers. This enhanced visibility streamlines operations and improves overall efficiency.

Replacing Pre BuiltDigital Signature Solutions

We built a custom signing app for the entry point into the yard. Instead of searching through printed papers, staff can now search shipments and ask drivers to sign digitally. The app includes logic for various business cases and saves the signed documents with a cryptographic signature, capturing the time, IP, and geo-location for security. A physical copy can also be printed for the drivers if needed.


Our custom solutions transformed the client’s operations. The digitized document management system and custom signing app streamlined processes, enhanced security, and provided comprehensive analytics. This improved efficiency, reduced manual errors, and enabled quick access to critical information, ultimately boosting overall productivity and client satisfaction.