Samsung fold with Innofoods websiteSamsung fold with Innofoods website

Inno Foods management were looking to rebrand their online presence as a premium snack with high quality snacks. They did’t want to look like every other healthy food website.

The Problem

Inno Foods a Canadian snack manufacturer was looking to expand their business using e-commerce. Their snacks are expensive than competitors because of higher quality ingredients, they were having hard time conveying the value of their ingredients to customers.

Innofoods vs others illustration
Innofoods Tote Bag
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The Solution
We Built

We were able to collaborate and come up a brand identity that looks modern and established While working with Inno Foods we found that most brands were going with green color with white background color. We took a totally opposite approach and designed the brand around black color to give it a more premium feel.

Innofoods Marketing CardsInno Foods Website DEsignIphone with Innofoods marketing material
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